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Arrow keys to move

press tick to play or return to edit mode

have fun!

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StatusIn development
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TagsGame Boy, Level Editor, mario-maker, Pixel Art, Retro, sega, Singleplayer, sonic

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Also.. theres a bug where if you press multiplle keys at ounce it lags and sometimes crashes it wil be fixed in days...weeks...maybe months???

jump is still broken do u know how to do a ground check with raycast?


this aint 3D sorry

a way to mute or turn down the audio a lil would be cool. love the level editor aspect, so neat. 


ok right away ill try to release the update before or right after next month!


done! check it

awesome job ! 

jump is broken and the editor is a bit wonky but usable

in development...

fixed! and added mid-air backflip!